Loca the special pug

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R.i.p loca the pug.

loca the special pug

Oct 21, Many are wondering whether Loca the Pug, the subject of a viral my name is Loca, and I am a special pug,” as the adorable dog prances and.


The adorable pug from east Belfast is an internet sensation, with hilarious videos of her racking up four million hits. Loca looks like any ordinary pug, until she tries to run. The videos are accompanied by quirky songs and lyrics and have gone viral on YouTube. The most popular clip — with 3. Owner and father-of-four Mal Orr 55 said he was amazed by the response to the 10 videos, the first of which was posted online last May. Mal intends to make more videos featuring the star, which is due to feature on Channel 4 show Rude Tube. A residential social care worker has been arrested on suspicion of child abduction, it has been reported.

About. Late internet sensation who gained fame appearing in viral videos on the verified YouTube channel Loca the Pug. Her adorable and often comical videos.
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This week four internet celebrity pugs sadly passed away. Despite suffering a number of health problems in his life, Bumblesnot brought infinte happiness to his owners and to his 50k fans, who were devastated to learn about his passing. Bumblesnot also known as Buddy found his forever home in His new family helped him to overcome some of his health issues and monitored him closely. He even had pug brothers and sisters! Bumblesnot suffered from mobility problems in his back legs.

Celebrating the Life of Loca the Pug

Loca the Pug first became a viral internet sensation when her family made a video in showing the lovable pug having trouble running due to a mild brain disorder., Loca is a very lucky pug living in Ireland.

Loca, the Belfast dog who can't run, becomes YouTube sensation

Loca the pug is a celebrity pooch who gained fame after he was seen in a viral YouTube video. The video depicting him had gone viral in the year and this video was posted by the owners. It showed the dog running but having trouble doing so due to a mild brain disorder. Let us find out. Loca was an Irish pooch from Belfast in Ireland.

Facebook Loca the Pug. Loca the Pug, the adorable Irish pooch who was the subject of a much loved, viral YouTube video, has died, according to a post on the Facebook page for the dog. Sadly, the Facebook page for the dog revealed Loca was dead in a lengthy announcement posted on Friday, October 20, The owners did everything they could do to save Loca, but it was not to be, the post says. We were with her at the end and she went very peacefully. Needless to say we are all devastated and we will miss her more than I can begin to tell you. Always one for gross exaggeration and flights of fancy I know, but still the most special and wonderful little puglet.

It gives me so much joy. This is Ragge, Aka Rag the Dog. I decided he needed to go out in the world and meet some famous people and dogs. First off; Mishka - the talking husky. Rag is not a fan. Love that pug!




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