Basilica di san marco orari

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Basilica di San Marco

basilica di san marco orari

Opening times. The visit inside the Basilica lasts about 10 minutes. Visitors are recommended to respect the sacred place, in particular: – Clothes be appropriate .

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It is located in the Piazza San Marco , which has always been the center of Venetian public and religious life. St Mark's Basilica. Horses of Saint Mark. Although the current building is from the eleventh century, it has been renovated and modified throughout the following centuries. The current Basilica is built in the shape of a Latin cross and has five domes.

Tips: Don't picnic in the piazza. It's illegal. Don't feed the pigeons. That's illegal, too. Don't be alarmed if you see water oozing out of the drains. Parts of the Piazza often get wet during high tide. Basilica di San Marco: Venice's most famous and ornate church is awash in stolen property, from the bones of St.

I've been trying to reserve a ticket to go inside the Basilica San Marco and the month of October is still not available. Does anybody know another way besides Alata to reserve this? Or when does it usually become available? You do not need a 'ticket' to enter the Basilica di San Marco per se. Right, I dont know if they issue a ticket like the other ones, but it does say that you need a reservation. The San Marco website sends you to the alata website to reserve, but the month of October is still not available. If anyone has been able to book for October, let me know how.

Register Forgot your password? See all of today's events. The facade features five portals decorated in splendid marbles and mosaics, and with a terrace dividing it into two halves. On the terrace stand Four Horses of gilded copper copies - the originals are now preserved inside that were sent from Constantinople to Doge Enrico Dandolo in Splendid mosaics in the atrium relate the stories of the Bible. The imposing interior in the form of a Greek cross contains a wealth of paintings and sculptures.

Holy Masses

St. Mark's Basilica - Skip The Line entry

In the Saint Mark's Museum are preserved the original bronze horses, once exposed outside the basilica on the terrace, coming from the roof of the Hippodrome of Constantinople in when the Fourth Crusade turned into a siege of the imperial capital, which was conquered for the first time in its history, with rich spoils of the Crusaders - we are talking about the equivalent of hundreds of millions of euros - of which 3 eighths were for the Venetians. Inside the museum also the the blanket of the Pala d'oro - a wooden table painted with the stories of San Marco - made in the fourteenth century by Paolo Veneziano to cover the Pala d'Oro that was exposed only during Festivities. There are also tapestries in wool with stories of the Passion of Jesus, silk and silver tapestries with the stories of San Marco, Persian carpets, illuminated manuscripts with texts of the Marcian liturgies, liturgical vestments and fragments of ancient mosaics detached during the nineteenth century restorations. The visit offers an evocative beauty passage represented by the terrace that overlooks Piazza San Marco, where the bronze horses are housed since Hours : every day from Free under 6 years.

You can get a reservation of your access to San Marco Basilica from 1 April to 1 November , on the day and at the time you prefer! The service is available only from 1 April to 1 November every year and you can book it online up until 10 minutes before the chosen time for the visit. Concessions are only reserved to school and religious groups, which contact venetoinside. The voucher issued at the end of the online reservation is the only valid document and you can present it to our staff either on a paper copy or on a mobile device smartphones, tablets or other devices. Tickets to access St. From 16 April to 28 October St.






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