Parrot minikit smart review

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Parrot Minikit Smart review

parrot minikit smart review

Parrot Minikit+ Review

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When it comes to Bluetooth kits for cars, Parrot have been in the market for a very long time. It serves a few purposes, but mainly this is a handsfree kit for your mobile phone, which pairs to your phone using Bluetooth. Along with that, it can hold your phone, take orders from you, read out your phonebook, and charge your device. This is by far one of the best devices I have tried. The 2W speakers are very powerful, and I do wonder if they would have been even better if they were facing forward. However, lack of room means that would not have been very practical. It pairs to your phone and works via Bluetooth.

The Parrot Minikit Smart car kit is more than just a mobile phone car dock. Parrot phone holder and mounting arm, window sucker, adhesive pad for mounting on a dashboard , car charger, several USB cables, an allen key, and the instruction manual. The mounting arm is strong and the windscreen sucker holds nicely. On the end of the arm is a socket that the phone holder clips into. There are two buttons that release the holder when squeezed together, meaning that when leaving the car the valuable bit and the phone can be taken, leaving the plastic arm behind. A lot easier than taking the whole mount off each time. The phone is held between two foam covered, spring loaded jaws.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. It has two buttons, green and red, and a rotary wheel. However, while the green and red buttons on the other models are large, these buttons are small and more difficult to locate without looking at the device, which takes your eyes off the road. The green button accepts calls and activates the voice recognition, and the red button ends calls and exits out of the audible menu of features, which you access with the rotary wheel. When you combine the voice commands with the audible menu of features, you never have to take your eyes off the road. You can dictate text messages and listen to incoming text messages. You can reject or accept calls without touching anything.

The Good Holds mobiles firmly in place; mount twists in landscape or portrait orientation; accurate voice recognition. The Bad Text to speech is difficult to understand; Doesn't read texts aloud. The Bottom Line The Parrot Minikit Smart is a fabulous Bluetooth-enabled mount that lets you safely use your smart phone in your car or on your bike. Visit manufacturer site for details. Your mobile phone is a smarter, more capable -- not to mention cheaper -- entertainment and information device than any gadget you'll find in your car, so its about time we all got with the programme and mounted our mobiles in our motors. One excellent way of achieving this is using gaffer tape and a healthy squirt of No More Nails, and another is to use the Parrot Minikit Smart -- a Bluetooth-equipped suction mount that clamps your mobile to the windscreen of your car.

Parrot Minikit Smart Bluetooth Speakerphone Falls Short in Call Quality

Parrot minikit smart bluetooth review

A very clever piece of kit, but the speaker is too quiet and call quality wasn't as good as we were hoping for. This Bluetooth hands-free kit isn't cheap but it's seriously well built and has a wealth of features. The adjustable arm clamps your phone in place and the windscreen mount can rotate to portrait if you want to use a satnav app in this orientation. It connects to your car's 12V socket to charge the built-in battery and also has a USB port and bundled cables for charging an iPhone, plus any mini and micro USB devices. A pull-out microphone extends around 50cm and can be clipped onto a sun visor.

Parrot Minikit Smart Bluetooth car kit Review

If you live in a state where it's legal to mount technology devices, such as a GPS unit, on your windshield, here's an innovative Bluetooth car accessory to ponder. If you live in a state where windshield-mounted devices are prohibited, you can try sticking the Minikit to the dash with Parrot's accessories. I didn't have much luck with that method, though; my car's interior didn't lend itself well to attachments. The combined weight of the bulky Minikit and my Motorola Droid X phone proved to be cumbersome to deal with. First you press the suction cup to the windshield, locking it in place with a lever. Then you attach the Minikit to the suction cup the company includes an Allen wrench for further locking. You can extract the Minikit's microphone from the unit by pulling on the mic's cord and attaching it to the visor using the clips.

The Parrot Minikit Smart is a big step in the right direction for Android users. Paired with the Car Home mode present on Android smartphones If you enjoyed, Be sure to hit that like button, and also Subscribe. Mounted on the windshield or the dashboard, it provides hands-free access to all of the telephony and navigation features of your Smartphone. Bluetooth connectivity supports hands-free calling and audio streaming



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  1. The Bottom Line The Parrot Minikit Smart is a fabulous Bluetooth-enabled mount that lets you safely use your smart phone in your car or on your bike. The Parrot Minikit stays put and won't damage your smart phone. One of the Parrot Minikit Smart's primary functions is to help users.

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