Tor des geants 2017 classifica

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Tor des Geants 2017®: an already hight level parterre

tor des geants 2017 classifica

Third, on paper because at the moment of writing it, he hasn't crossed the last hill jet, it's Andrea Macchi from Varese, winner of the edition.


The Basque athlete of forty-fourth years, lives in Vitoria-Gasteiz where he works as a researcher engineer - he arrived at Courmayeur's finish line on Wednesday morning at 6. Dominguez, started racing on trails in , after four years of road marathons. He already conquered the third and fifth place in the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, just to name a race around the mountain near his home. For him second place,really close to the leader. Third, on paper because at the moment of writing it, he hasn't crossed the last hill jet, it's Andrea Macchi from Varese, winner of the edition of the Orobie Ultra Trail. The hardness of the path, which in these first three days of racing has alternated the daytime heat to the frost of the night hills temperatures even several degrees below zero and strong wind in some stretches was also underlined also by the withdrawn, on the starters, for muscular or joint problems and intestinal troubles.

She wanted to win the TOR.. And so it was, of course, from the first to the last of the km of the route. Silvia, in fact, has always been at the head, always keeping a distance with her pursuers, who gradually diluted in tiredness and heat. The Basque ultrarunner has closed his TOR with the time of 87 hours and 50 minutes, a full 10 hours less than last year, which had been 97 hours and 43 minutes and which made her earn the second place. Above all this year also arrived twelfth absolute, counting men and women. Better than that, she could not do.

Hlaupaferill, yfirlit. Dagana Svanur Bragason. Gunnar Richter. Sigurdsson or. Christine Bucholz.

Tor des Geants

It provides prizes for all participants who complete the run before the cutoff. The start and the finish are in Courmayeur.

Tor des Geants 2014 race pace/splits calculator

Among factors impacting performance during an ultramarathon, sleep is an underappreciated factor that has received little attention. The aims of this study were to characterize habitual sleep behaviors in ultramarathon runners and to examine strategies they use to manage sleep before and during ultramarathons. Responses from participants to a questionnaire were considered. There were Most of the study participants We conclude that sleep duration among ultramarathon runners was comparable to the general population and other athletic populations, yet they reported a lower prevalence of sleep disorders.

At least according to the quality and the palmares of the foremost competitors who have already formally confirmed their presence in Courmayeur on September 10th. Then other competitors who was on the podium, though not on the highest pitch: the Emilian Gianluca Galeati and the Japanese Masahiro Ono. Eyes are also fixed on a promising new entry, the thirty-one-year-old Chilean Oscar "Rocky" Alguin. An ambulance driver from Santiago, father of three daughters, has a "young" but really intense curriculum. He had declared last year to Run Chile magazine : "My dream? And here it is. In short, experience to sell.

Tor des Geants® , will be very intense. At least according to the Home; Tot Dret Classifica / Classement / Ranking. Comuni; Dove siamo.
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