Villa d este 2017

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Bask in the Outrageous Automotive Elegance of 2017 Villa d'Este

villa d este 2017

By Public Referendum at Villa Erba. Renault Trezor, Two-Seater Coupe Electric, Renault, France. VILLA D'ESTE: SUNDAY, MAY 28TH RESULTS.

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Jump to navigation. Opened in , the resort is all historic buildings, stunning grounds and beautiful scenery. Each of the 52 cars was an extremely rare machine, and all were immaculately maintained to the highest standards. But these were the absolute best of the best: each car had an incredible history of its own. To get a taster of the event, check out our gallery of pictures at the top of the page, where you can read more about some of the cars that were displayed. Rolls-Royce evaluating options for more coachbuild projects. Bob Cat Brian.

It came from the novel by Jules Verne and harks back to the era at the end of the 19th century when rapid technological progress expanded opportunities for mobility and covering large distances. In their day, a large number of the entries created sensations with successes in motorsport, speed records or trailblazing technical innovations. Lopresto registered the one-off special at the beauty contest on the shores of Lake Como in the name of Giovanna Scaglione, the daughter of the famous designer, and accepted the prize from the hands of Jury President Lorenzo Ramaciotti. Franco Scaglione was a genius and the automobile sector owes a great debt of gratitude to him. The victorious Alfa Romeo was designed by Franco Scaglione.

Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter featuring the very latest from Petrolicious. When researching the history of the event, it is often easiest to speak to the organizers — those who are expert in the history of all things automotive:. This was a mere two months before the Wall Street Crash: it was to be the beginning of a three-year crisis that was to lead to a reassessment of values, and an acceleration of the rationalisation of car production that was to result — in continental Europe at least — in the demise of automotive gigantism. Despite this, however, the coachbuilding business managed to stay afloat and coachbuilders enjoyed a twenty-year reprieve during which they reached heights of creative expression that have perhaps remained unmatched ever since. The event as we know it today is a remarkably intimate affair, punctuated by some of the most incredible and unusual cars of the 20th, and occasionally the 21st century. So much of that has to do with the size of the entrant list.

But for me, the shining star in the annual calendar would have to be Concorso d' Eleganza Villa d'Este, in Lake Como. When researching the.
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Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter featuring the very latest from Petrolicious. This is because apart from award classes for the rarities from the past, the vehicle class for Concept Cars and Prototypes also presents a vision for the automobiles of the future. Over many years, this classic weekend has enjoyed a unique position among beauty contests for classic automobiles and motorcycles thanks to the elegance of the event, the unforgettable atmosphere, and the small, exclusive field of participants. This class features pre-war sports and record cars combining Old World style with rugged performance. Help him choose from the best in Edwardian luxury. The road-converted racing machines in this category are loud, unsuitable for the public highway and wholly impractical. In short, the perfect match for their exuberant first owners, the playboys of their era.

Villa d’Este 2017 Is Officially Open For Registration

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Villa d’Este 2017 in pictures: the glitz, the glamour, the cars

Elegant, glamorous, sophisticated, stylish, and beautiful — these are some of the words that come to mind when taking part in the most exclusive and elegant concourse in Europe. I thought this year the cars were more sophisticated than prior years. More discreet. There were less obvious cars that you tend to see over and over again and more cars for the connoisseur like the Fiat 8vu, the Bugatti 51 and Ghia L 6. So this year I will show you nearly as many pictures of people as of the cars for a change.

It was jump-started again in , and BMW Group has been the patron of the event since the late Nineties. Revving engines, helicopters overhead, speedboats blistering past and the smell of petrol are all part of the experience for the fortunate automotive glitterati out there. Moments of awe were matched by moments of cynical eye-rolling at the excess on display. BMW lined a whole street with little branded flags for those travelling to the show — much to the confusion of the locals. The majority of the event took place in the courtyards and gardens of the Villa. The marina was only small, but it was packed with high-end yachts and speedboats. We counted at least six Riva yachts all lined up next to each other.

Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2017 - Copa d'Oro

Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017 – Report and Photos





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