The wall film 2017

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the wall film 2017

The Wall Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Aaron Taylor-Johnson Movie

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During the Iraq War , U. The pair patiently wait 22 hours on overwatch before determining that the site is clear. Matthews proceeds to investigate the site, but is shot by an Iraqi sniper. Isaac tries to rescue the dying Matthews, but he is also wounded in the right knee and has his radio damaged and his water bottle destroyed in the process. Alone, Isaac takes cover behind an unsteady wall and tends to his wounds. The sniper has a radio tuned into the American channel, and uses it to communicate with Isaac under the pretense of being a high ranking allied soldier at another site.

Jeff Mann David Loitz. Cindy Evans Jason M. No such luck. Alas, we are still living in the golden age of single-location thrillers, even if most of them are bronze-level at best. A tense, tight, compelling, and perfectly paced psychological war thriller drama from director Doug Liman and first-time writer Dwain Worrell, The Wall is rich with gripping old-school suspense and features a career-best performance from Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Looking at Liman's filmography this seems like an odd choice for him.

As this high-tension standoff escalates, we never learn who the mystery shooter is, though this much is certain: The two American soldiers would do well not to underestimate their opponent. Observing from a safe distance, they count eight corpses and see no sign of life. Impatient and over-confident, Matthews walks down to the site while Ize covers him from his camouflaged spot on a nearby hill. And then, in one of those moments whose seeming inevitability merely compounds the terror, a shot is fired and Matthews hits the dirt, badly wounded. Putting his own life at risk to save his comrade, Ize rushes to the scene, taking a bullet in the leg in the process.

Film Review: ‘The Wall’

Early in his career, a studio executive was heard to say of the director Doug Liman that he was the sort of person who, when asked what time it was, would take a wristwatch, disassemble it, explain its working parts and their function to you, and reassemble it, finally apprising you of the time via the result of his exertions. And so those Liman-directed movies are good stuff., Sign in. Michael McKean shares a surprising pick that made his Watchlist.







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