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15th European Molecular Imaging Meeting 24-27 March 2020

mi to programma 2017

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Over the past few days, we have made real progress towards better coordinating our efforts between Parliament, Member States and the Commission. We need to maintain this positive dynamic. Only together can we achieve tangible results in the key areas where our citizens and businesses expect the Union to provide an effective part of the solution. The structured dialogue between Parliament and the Commission is working well, and together we have designed a focused and prioritised agenda. We have read the summary report from the Conference of Committee Chairs and I look forward to hearing your further input in our discussions today. Halfway through its term of office, this Commission is effectively delivering on the 10 political priorities established at the outset, and on the basis of which this House approved our appointment. We have kept the focus on the big things, where effective European action can make a concrete difference in addressing the challenges facing Europe.

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El Presidente. There are no surprises in what we announce today. The Work Programme makes concrete the policy priorities that President Juncker set out in his State of the Union speech and which we confirmed in the letter of intent. This is a focused agenda centred on the big things, a principle this Commission has applied since the start of the mandate. It reflects our commitment to the ten priorities on the basis of which you appointed us. The challenges for our Union today are well known, and citizens feel them in their daily lives: jobs; inequality; the still nascent economic recovery that has yet to deliver for all; migration flows which have tested our external borders — and, I may add, our internal cohesion; the terrorist threat; ongoing instability in our neighbouring countries.

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We are already looking forward to meeting all of you in spring in Greece! Byzantine dignitary and a scholar. Thessaloniki, the capital of Greek Macedonia and the second-largest city in Greece. Popular to travelers who are drawn to its gorgeous beaches, lively college-town energy, and cosmopolitan character but still an insider tip for most of us. Although the majority of the city center was destroyed in the Great Fire of , the rebuilt 20th-century city has a well-planned, Europeanized design. Ever since the 4th c. BC when Thessaloniki was founded, it has kept its urban character and has remained a civic centre and the hub of that region.

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