Grosseto air show 2017

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Grosseto Airport

grosseto air show 2017

Grosseto AIRSHOW. Marina di Grosseto, 25/06/ Informazioni. alimaremma PROGRAMMA. Orario - con.

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Among the other participants, more than 38 aircrafts including the F Belgian Air Force contributed to make the show breathtaking. A success which is symptomatic of the importance one of the most loved symbols of the Italian Air Force. The th aerobatic training squadron, a long-standing member of the Air Force family, has the valuable task of promoting the values and the team spirit which characterize all the men and women in the Air Force. The Frecce Tricolori also spread a message of friendship and solidarity: closely supported by enthusiasts from more than Frecce Tricolori fan clubs in Italy as well as in Austria, Germany, Australia, Canada, UAE, and Switzerland the team takes part in numerous charity events. It is a highly reliable and Italian-built aircraft, which boasts a high level of maneuverability an essential feature for the aerobatic performances. The aerobatic displays of the Frecce Tricolori that we see today are the result of team work and an attention to detail that started in The selection of figures to be performed during the display, however, may differ due to weather conditions or particular restrictions in the area.

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A Typhoon basks in the glorious August weather at Grosseto. An Afghan and Balkans veteran with over 3, hours on more than 40 types, Col Pederzolli is 44 years of age. Jetwash Aviation Photos had the honour of embedding itself with the unit in August to report on the current state of play with the Typhoon in AMI service; and the differing roles that the two associated gruppi conduct. The Typhoons at Grosseto are actually 'owned' by the GEA and not the respective gruppi, with aircraft being pooled between the two units. A huge advance in capability was taken on when Grosseto transitioned from the FS to the Typhoon; and this resulted in a big learning curve as the maintenance crews moved from the days of the spanner and screwdriver into the computer era.

AIR SHOW Marina di Grosseto 2017

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Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale Frecce Tricolori 2017



The top pilots of the Italian Air Force at the Marina di Grosseto Air Show 2017






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