Samsung vs apple vendite 2017

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Samsung's sales down by 28% compared to 2017

samsung vs apple vendite 2017

Samsung saw a year-on-year unit decline of percent in the fourth quarter of , but While Apple's market share stabilized in the fourth quarter of compared to the same quarter in , iPhone sales fell 5 percent.

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Select a country to see the data. Slide the marker along the bottom of the screen to change the timeframe. Periods are three months ending the stated month. This information is based on the research extracted from Kantar's global consumer panel and refers in all cases to 3 months periods ending the stated month. Worldpanel ComTech is the largest continuous research consumer mobile phone tracking panel of its kind in the world, conducting over one million interviews per year in Europe alone. This dataviz can be embedded into online articles for a visual representation of Smartphone OS market share data. Click here to copy the embed code.

Global sales of smartphones to end users totaled nearly million units in the fourth quarter of , a 5. This is the first year-on-year decline since Gartner started tracking the global smartphone market in
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Sono i dati che emergono da una classifica elaborata da comScore. Seguono ancora Motorola 5. Per quanto riguarda i sistemi operativi, Android rimane al primo posto con il Disponibile macOS I prezzi iPhone non aumenteranno nemmeno con i dazi di Trump. Il quinto negozio Apple Store a Tokyo apre il 7 settembre.

Samsung introduced 10 times as many phones as Apple last year, but its mobile apple vs samsung vendite. Apple v. Samsung; Apple v. The electronics titans square off in a tangled tale of mobile technology, centered on Apple's iPhone and iPad, that delves into where one company's designs end. Apple Inc. Samsung Electronics Co.

Huawei overtakes Apple to become world's second-largest smartphone company

Samsung - Upgrade para Galaxy

From roughly until , the smartphone market grew at an astonishing pace, posting double-digit growth year after year, even during a global recession., Waiting to discover the range Samsung Galaxy S10 here an interesting concept video and the revolutionary folding smartphone, we can analyze the Samsung sales in the


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