My vodafone non funziona 2017

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my vodafone non funziona 2017

By Vodafone Romania · Vodafone Romania My Vodafone Romania Advertisement May 29, noarch. Android +. nodpi. Advertisement.

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They Play With You Worst Service Worst Company Ever. Which Call Centre make the difference I wish the Vodafone. IT investigate on the fact that when I get to speak with the Italian Customer Service they solve the issue. I explained the same situation to Call Centres answering from Romania and Albania and they could not help me. A big difference in Customer Care in the same company!

This is a locked archive and content on this page may no longer be up to date. These posts and threads have been archived for reference only. Go to best answer. The VA discount will be applied to the second and subsequent bills. You will see this as VA discount at the end of the bill as a credit subtracted from the final amount. If Vodafone have confirmed the discount eligibility by email, you probably don't have anything to be concerned about. If you still need clarification, please use live chat for account access and verification.

Users for a few hours Vodafone in Italy they are experiencing some inefficiencies regarding the data traffic of the red operator. Vodafone does not work and reports on various social networks and on Downdetector they are slowly peeping out. Here is what is happening and what are the areas affected by the inefficiencies. Users Vodafone complain that it is impossible to load certain sites like Amazon, Banggood and the like. At the moment there is no evidence for telephone disruptions and it seems that the phenomenon is limited exclusively to Internet connectivity, either mobile that fixed. In some cases the block is total with an objective impossibility to use the access to the network both from mobile and from desktop. We hypothesize a disservice in the cause of the problem resolution of DNS nodes but obviously an official response is expected from the red operator.

And you always have Smart Passport. The offer also includes unlimited Giga to make calls and video calls over the internet VoIP and chat using your favourite apps. The promotional fee will apply if top-ups of euros are made to the SIM card and used while you remain with Vodafone. Otherwise the remaining 12 euros will be charged. The price per minute is calculated per second.

Has anyone had experiences porting between Vodafone and a Vodafone reseller? I am concerned about my number getting lost. I know Optus to Optus takes about 3 days. Its usually a few hours at the most. Vodafone to vodafone reseller should take less but they always say a few hours.

Account Options Accedi. Le migliori app. Nuove uscite. Per tutti. Aggiungi alla lista desideri. Tradurre la descrizione in Italiano Italia utilizzando Google Traduttore? Ritraduci la descrizione in Inglese Stati Uniti Traduci.

My Vodafone App

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Vodafone does not work: problems with the internet on Amazon and other sites

Customer service for new clients Vodafone products, prices etc free. Customer service in English for Vodafone clients free. If you discover an inaccuracy, please notify us so we can keep our site updated. Thank you! Terrible connection in St Pere de Ribes, very unreliable and slow. I have a iphone 5 with a verizon prepaid plan in the US. I am travelling to Spain and Portugal later this month and would like to know if your local sim card is campatible with this phone.

My Vodafone app gives you the ability the view all the details about your mobile line and much more! You can manage your Vodafone line through the app directly- password free. Now you can manage your extras and add-ons directly through the app! Are you a Vodafone subscriber? Download the app today! Vodafone Qatar Recharge Payment vodafone. Internet on Postpaid Internet on Prepaid.


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  1. Are you a Vodafone subscriber? Now you can manage your account straight from your smartphone. It's fast and easy! My Vodafone app gives you ability the.

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