Al pazar qershor 2017

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Al Pazar - 18 Mars 2017 - Pjesa 2 - Show Humor - Vizion Plus

al pazar qershor 2017

Al Pazar - Montana dhe Montela ne plazh - 2 Qershor 2018 - Show Humor - Vizion Plus

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How to download? Share on Facebook. Search Results "Montana". French Montana - Unforgettable ft. Swae Lee Official Music Video. French Montana - Wiggle It ft.

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Al Pazar - Xha Temja njeriu i historise - Show Humor - Vizion Plus. ShareThis Facebook Tweet LinkedIn Pinterest. , Views. Search. Back to Video List.
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Interpreted by actress Inva Gashi, this character comes from several seasons on the screen of Vizion Plus, a fact that seems to have disliked many of Riselda Seldi. Ballet teaching has inspired this character, which of course comes in its exaggerated form. So even for Riselden is unacceptable, writes "Tabloid. There have been numerous instances when it has exploded against "Al Pazar", attacking the actress, which he has called "unpatented actress" and "going to green lights", alluding to prostitution, and finally even attacking Agron Llaken, who stated that when he competed to enter the Academy, Riselda had started the art course in time. With a series of postings on social networks, Riselda has responded with sarcasm and humor, and at the same time with insults to the protagonists of this story.

Search Results "Montana"

For some time now, Reselda Sejdia has expressed her revolt against the Gucci character in 'Al Pazar', which was inspired by ballet pedagogy. She has attacked the actress who played this role, Inva Gashi for which she stated that she did not have a diploma.




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