Florence and the machine 2017

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Florence and the Machine singer complains about use of her song at Conservative Party conference

florence and the machine 2017

Florence and the Machine are an English indie rock band that formed in London in , consisting of vocalist.

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This might be No. Florence Welch has called this rousing track from 's How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful one of her "little spells," and it was written after she experienced being in a relationship with someone who was driving her away: "The songs become these talismans [that] you've written that are just for yourself. And you can carry them with you. This is the first song Welch wrote for the album of the same name; the dreamy track is inspired by the Los Angeles sky and it really does transport the listener. It's about Welch's self-destructive side, but as always, she channels her inner chaos into beauty. When that guitar comes in after the first chorus, it's impossible not to break out into your most frantic dance moves.

With her distinct brand of bohemian chic, Florence Welch graduated quickly from the South London indie circuit to launch her band's breakthrough debut LP, Lungs, in to enormous critical success. It contained early hits Kiss With A Fist and Drumming Song, but those songs may sound unfamiliar to Florence's younger fans who know her, and her band, by songs like Dog Days Are Over and Shake It Out, which have propelled the star to huge international audiences. Later, Florence's collaboration with Calvin Harris would introduce her early fans to a more commercial sound, whereas Florence's seminal remake of Eighties dance hit You Got The Love will go down in history. A hit in tricky-to-break America, Florence has a classical look but a modern understanding of what makes a banging indie-pop crossover tune. Surprisingly, Florence only has one number 1 UK singles chart hit under her belt, despite her commercial success. Here are Florence's top 10 biggest UK singles.

Florence and the Machine

Florence + The Machine - Times Like These - Live At Glastonbury 2015



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  1. The classy, British, redheaded angel that is Florence Welch is not only one of the most talented vocalists right now, but also a strong and uplifting role model to women everywhere.

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