Andrea pucci spettacoli 2017

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andrea pucci spettacoli 2017

Giuseppe Giacobazzi - Rocco Siffredi - Zelig

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Dejan Kaludjerovic Conversations solo Weltmuseum Vienna until The two were selected from candidates from 45 nationalities. LowRes Jerusalem invites artists who explore social, political and economic conflicts to reflect upon their environment in a critical manner during their temporary residence in Jerusalem. Traditionally in the form of a wooden trunk or box, the hope chest contained the dowry of a young woman. The chest and its content played an important part not only in the business transaction between two families, but served as a survival kit for the new life the Girl was about to enter.

Angelo Giordano used to study guitar, singing, palmas and flamenco percussions, being featured in the works of many italian and spanish artists. Michelle Pucci was originall a cello player, but he later got to studying flamenco guitar and being a significant part of the italian and international flamenco scene. Giordano and Pucci have been working together for twenty years now: at Folkest they will showcase different variants of flamenco, from the most traditional ones to some more modern, that are clearly moving towards wider expressive forms. Members: Michele Pucci — guitar; Angelo Giordano — guitar, vocals, palmas, drums. Viale Barbacane, 17 — Spilimbergo Pn Tel. Artista: Michele Pucci e Angelo Giordano.

In che categoria ricadono? Chi deve farsi carico della sicurezza? E in che misura? Di quanto? Via Vittor Pisani 19 Milano Tel.



Andrea Pucci - “IN… Tolleranza ZERO” a Padova - Seconda data!

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  1. Three swing concerts taking place in a row, as follows: — concert at the craziest train of the world; — in the pedestrian street of Shkodra, New Orleans Jazz-Style; — at the theatre.

  2. Event in Padua, Italy by Zed Live and Gran Teatro GEOX on Friday, February 2 Visto il grande successo della data dell'11 novembre , Pucci raddoppia a.

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