Aviaria in italia 2017

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Exo-erythrocytic development of avian malaria and related haemosporidian parasites

aviaria in italia 2017

it/temi/malattie-patogeni/influenza-aviaria/situazione-epidemiologica-hpai/) aviaria: situazione epidemiologica in Italia – HPAI - 83 focolai nel

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This report includes on page 14 the previously circulated, updated list of wild bird species targeted for passive surveillance of H5 HPAI viruses in the EU. Newcastle disease is caused by virulent strains of Newcastle disease virus NDV , which causes substantial morbidity and mortality events worldwide in poultry. The virus strains can be differentiated as lentogenic, mesogenic, or velogenic based on a mean death time in chicken embryos. Currently, velogenic strains of NDV are not endemic in United States domestic poultry; however, these strains are present in other countries and are occasionally detected in wild birds in the U. A viral introduction into domestic poultry could have severe economic consequences due to the loss of production from sick and dying birds, the cost of control measures such as depopulation and disinfection measures, and the trade restrictions that would likely be imposed as a result of an outbreak. Due to the disease-free status of the U. The most likely routes of virus introduction are explored and data gathered by several federal agencies is provided.

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You could view and download regulations and laws that define on a European level and on a National level the organic production method and all production areas where CCPB provides its certification services. You could view and download main regional, national and european regulations and laws from organic productions. Main regulations and laws from agrifood certification brach, are organized per area. Yuo could pointing out one area and one date or period. Funzionamento della banca dati informatizzata delle sementi e del materiale di moltiplicazione vegetativa ottenuti con il metodo biologico BDS — Decreto ministeriale n. Decreto Ministeriale del 18 luglio n.

Ilaria Capua

Ilaria Capua Rome, April 21, is a virologist and former Italian politician, best known for her research on influenza viruses , particularly avian influenza , and her efforts promoting open access to genetic information on emerging viruses as part of pre-pandemic preparedness efforts. A veterinarian by training, Capua has mainly worked in the field of veterinary virology and zoonotic viral infections. - All data generated during this study are included in this published article. Avian malaria parasites Plasmodium spp.

Russia, con le sanzioni l’Italia perde 3 miliardi all’anno




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