Audi q5 2017 vs mercedes glc

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2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC vs 2017 Audi Q5

audi q5 2017 vs mercedes glc

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Both measure around inches long, with mid-size cabins and offer a range of powertrain choices and luxury upgrades. With no effort lost to rugged off-road ability, they seem to hit a sweet spot for Americans who still want maneuverability and parking ease. To different degrees, both of these models have ushered in a new era of carlike grace and sporty, charming styling for compact sport-utility vehicles. It's no surprise, really, since each is a spin-off of a related car line. We can't declare an outright winnerat least not yet.

Plenty of rear legroom and headroom in the Q5, but the sculpted rear seats mean three across the back is going to be more uncomfortable than in the Benz. The GLC wins points for slightly longer rear doors, a flatter rear seat and flat loading sill where the Audi has a ledge in the boot. Both cars offer litres seats-up. Proper split decision, this. But, beyond the initial getaway, the Q5 is a bit more sluggish and the high-speed ride is choppy. Things are different in the Mercedes.

Before you schedule a test drive, it can help to do some research! The best way to be prepared is by comparing similar models side-by-side to see which one has the features you are looking for most in a new vehicle. This vehicles might look similar, but they have many differences to discover. Both of these vehicles offer seating for up to five, but their cargo spaces are quite different. With all the seats in place, the Audi Q5 offers

Johnny Marr is not a road tester. Johnny Marr played guitar in The Smiths and continues to pursue a successful solo career. Buyers want to sit up high in a stylish, spacious, comfortable car, and are typically more focused on inserting USB cables than tow eyes. X3, Q5 and GLC have arrived on the market in quick succession, closely matched for price, performance, efficiency and weight. It underlines how competitive this segment the fastest growing vehicle segment really is.

Audi Q5 vs Mercedes-Benz GLC

Trying to figure out which of these cars to buy?, One of the established contenders here is the Audi Q5 , which made its debut in

Mercedes-Benz GLC Vs Audi Q5 comparison

Take a look at just how much carwow can help you save on either of these handsome crossovers by heading over to our new car deals page. Entry-level SE models come with a 2. It comes just as well-equipped, too besides a set of slightly smaller inch alloy wheels, its comprehensive range of standard equipment is no less generous than the Audi. The biggest change from the old model is a thick, angular grille and a pair of edgy headlights and a number of bold creases on the bonnet and doors. The Q5 and GLC boast two of the most gorgeous cabins in their class, both in terms of design and material quality. The centre console, topped by a trio of air vents, looks suitably posh, and every switch operates with a reassuringly solid feel.

German powerhouses do battle in a booming SUV segment. Richard Blackburn declares a victor. It has satnav, keyless entry, front and rear sensors, reversing camera, power tailgate, xenon headlights and three-zone aircon. A sizeable ask over the Q5 but compensates with automatic parking, degree view camera, ambient cabin lighting, digital radio and extra safety gear. The Q5 hasn't had a substantial makeover since but the interior still looks reasonably fresh and attractive. The layout is simple, the menu and controls for the infotainment are more logical than the GLC and the finishes are high quality. The centre screen is smaller, though, and the instrument panel readout doesn't look as modern as the Benz's.


2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC vs 2018 Audi Q5





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  2. That highlights the continuing growth in popularity of premium SUVs , as buyers line up to get into family cars offering loads of space, chic styling and plush interiors packed with tech and efficient engines.

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