Oktoberfest stoccarda 2017 date

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Stuttgart Beer Festival 2019

oktoberfest stoccarda 2017 date

It's Wasen time! One of the world's finest and biggest festivals invites you to come and enjoy the festivities from 27 September to 13 October The Volksfest.

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The Cannstatter Volksfest is an annual three-week Volksfest beer festival and travelling funfair in Stuttgart , Germany. It is sometimes also referred to by foreign visitors as the Stuttgart Beer Festival , although it is actually more of an autumnal fair. The festival takes place at the Cannstatter Wasen from late September to early October, spanning a period over three weekends, ending the second Sunday in October. A smaller variant of the Stuttgart festival, the Stuttgart Spring Festival , is also held each year in Wasen. Although the Volksfest is not strictly speaking a beer festival, it is considered by many to be the second largest beer celebration in the world after the Munich Oktoberfest. The Volksfest begins one week later than the Oktoberfest. Cannstatter Volksfest — Wasen From an agricultural event to a famous festival.

After living in Germany, I have come to appreciate beer festivals in all of their forms, from local tradition to international gathering. Tracing its origins back to , this festival is a major draw with four million beer enthusiasts visiting each year. Less touristy than Oktoberfest, but with much of the same charm think fair rides, lederhosen, and various wursts , Wasan arguably provides a more authentic experience and one in which Germans are not in fact the minority. Organizers now offer a 0. And you thought drinking a yard of beer was a challenge.

The Cannstatter Volksfest, which is also referred to as the Wasen, typically runs from late September to mid October. The annual festival wraps-up this year with a musical fireworks show on Sunday. The Local's Shelley Pascual made a trip out to Stuttgart last weekend to find out what makes it so special. Whereas Oktoberfest's edition welcomed over seven million guests , the Wasen attracts around four million visitors each year. So what advantages could being smaller in size have for the folk fest? With regards to the smaller crowds, two Americans from Texas and Seattle agree. About 15 percent of the Volksfest's visitors are from outside Germany; it wasn't hard for us to find other Americans to speak to and even people who had come all the way from Australia, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The food was wonderful I really happy to join Cannstatter Fun, fun, and more fun! Enjoy your time - and if planning- reserve your table early, on May at the latest. Can't be missed!!! Much better than the one in Munich Must try curry wurst, fish on a stick, rotisserie chicken and pork hocks, and especially the Swabian traditional foods such as maultachen and lentils!

VIDEO: Is this beer festival in Stuttgart better than Oktoberfest?

Is this beer festival in Stuttgart better than Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest Dates

When one says Oktoberfest the October feast, or Wiesn in Bavarian the mind immediately goes to Munich, the host city, and the rivers of beer flowing all over the festive and noisy tents overpacked with people. Munich beer festival is the most famous but not the only one in Germany. In fact there are at least other two events taking place in other locations:. Rosenheim Oktoberfest Herbfest : a quiet and charming autumn feast marked by a strong Bavarian identity. Overlooked by most foreign tourists. Attending the Oktoberfest is surely a one-of-a-kind experience that everybody should try at least once in their lives even abstemious people!

Visitors are captivated by the special atmosphere of the wonderful funfair coupled with huge festival beer tents, lively German brass bands, a colourful flea market, and many spectacular attractions. Magnificently decorated horse-drawn brewery wagons, colourful groups in traditional costumes, musical bands, historical militia and a variety of folk groups form a huge procession from the Cannstatter Kursaal through the narrow streets of the Bad Cannstatt suburb of Stuttgart and on to the Wasen. The tents are often packed in the evenings and a reservation is recommended if you are attending as a group. During the day before 4pm is quite possible to find a spot and get stuck in. You will soon be on the table, swaying along with your new neighbours before you know it.

Are you considering a trip to Munich, Germany and need to know the Oktoberfest dates? So exactly when is Oktoberfest? Oktoberfest in Munich runs for 3 weekends in surprise! September but always end on the first Sunday of October, unless that Sunday falls before October 3rd German Unity Day in which case the festival is extended to include that. What is German Unity Day?




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