Coppa del mondo biathlon 2017

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Kaisa Makarainen: A“Pretty happy with my season, but I really don't see myself as a big star!"

coppa del mondo biathlon 2017

I Campionati mondiali di biathlon si sono svolti a Hochfilzen, in Austria, dall' 8 al 19 febbraio Tutte le gare erano valide anche ai fini della Coppa del Mondo

2017    alla ricerca della valle incantata 2   ultime scosse terremoto marche

CF, Partita I. La Wada e 2. La Russia nel mirino Origone, altra vittoria. Goggia: "Incidente tosto, ma la paura non mi ha Commissione Cio a Livigno.

Svendsen era il detentore uscente della Coppa generale. La Neuner era la detentrice uscente della Coppa generale. Queste le quote di partenza per gli uomini [2] :. Queste invece le quote di partenza per le donne [3] :. Per ogni tappa vennero assegnate 3 wild card [1]. Altri progetti.

Are you satisfied about your summer training? Some short colds changed few of my training days, but it is not a problem, just few days more for recovering from trainings". What could you tell us about this change? But life sometimes gives unexpected situations, Klaus supported us during all these years and now he needs our support more than ever. It was nice from Alfred to accept our invitation, so we will try to keep a straight face during the season for him, for Klaus, for Andrian, for Fjodor… well, for all our coaches! I can say that all training-process is going quite well and also that we understand each other. Andrian Tsybulski said that Alfred has been hired in order to give you more stability in your shooting performances.

Which are your feelings when you look back to the winter? Of course winning the total score gave me a really good feeling, and it was much more than I expected after the Olympics, but it doesn't replace the big disappointment which I had in Sochi. We have to touch this sore point. What about Sochi? It started two days before the sprint and lasted one more week at home after the end of Sochi.

Fine carriera anche per Christian Martinelli

IBU Biathlon Weltmeisterschaften 2020

Despite only pocketing one silver medal, the Italian National Team nailed a series of good results, collective positive feelings especially with Lisa Vittozzi. In her third and last start, then, Vittozzi closed even better, taking 4th place and finishing 20 seconds away from what would have been the second individual podium of her young career. Good sensations also came from the Single Mixed Relay, where Alexia Runggaldier and Thoams Bormolini concluded in 7th place, and from Lukas Hofer, 6th in the 20 km Individual race and 11th in the Pursuit one. The spotlights will now turn to Hochfilzen AUT , where from December 8th to December 10th six races will take place: two sprints, two pursuits and two relays. Sales Network Contact. Performance Cal.





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  1. I campionati italiani assoluti di Forni Avoltri non hanno chiuso solo la carriera di Christian De Lorenzi, ma anche quella del suo conterraneo Christian Martinelli , classe

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