Festa dei ceri gubbio 2017

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Corsa dei Ceri

festa dei ceri gubbio 2017

During Gubbio's May 15th Corsa dei Ceri ("race of the candlesticks"), passione comes in all sizes - from just-hatched little ones to the elderly.

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It is infact the day of the "Festa dei Ceri" , one of the most exciting event of Umbria and probably of Italy. All the city of Gubbio will participate to this feast, young and old will be gathered in the main square, and they will dress the colours of their "ceraioli": yellow for the Saint Ubaldo's candle, blue for Saint Giorgio's candle and black for Saint Antonio's candle. The streets of the city will be also full of flags and banners with the symbols of the saints. The origins of this feast are rooted in the centuries and are subject of many historical researches. Some scholars trace it back to pagan ceremonies in honor of the goddess Ceres. Still others speculate on , celebrations after the victory of Gubbio against 11 allied cities.

An enthusiastic group of small children in black shirts, traditional Ceri white pants and red neck scarves clapping excitedly, danced to the music of the band on the steps of a medieval backstreet as I wandered Gubbio on the afternoon of May 15th. Passione for the Ceri starts early — and lasts a lifetime. The marching brass bands trumpeting thoughout Gubbio during la Festa dei Ceri inflame that passione. Santubaldaro young passion. Saint Ubaldo, twelfth-century bishop and beloved patron saint of Gubbio — as well as patron saint of the stonemasons — tops the first Cero in the race, his yellow mantle unfurling behind him as his ceraioli set off in a mad dash. San Giorgio, patron saint of merchants, in helmet, bright royal blue tunic and astride his horse crowns the second Cero.


The race has its origins in pre-Christian times. A local author explained to me that it was originally a fertility festival, the blessing of the newly sown crops to provide a bountiful harvest. There are three candles, for fifty weeks of the year they reside in the basilica on top of the hill that dominates the town. On the first Sunday of May they are processed down to the Palazzo dei Consoli in the delightful main square of this beautiful medieval town. There whilst the citizens begin to party they wait, horizontal, quietly until the 15th of May. The town is full, every street, road, lane, people thronging everywhere all heading to participate or watch the Alzata. Men on horseback, trumpeters, flag throwers and supporters, we are all there, yes, there is room for us from Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

The ceraioli and the people are together in the excitement of those first moments when the Captains, the standard bearer and trumpeter on horseback precede the Ceri at a gallop. The Captains from the previous year give the go-ahead. The colourful crowds separate as if by miracle to leave way for the Ceri to run through the narrow medieval streets, well placed on the robust shoulders of the ceraioli, swaying alarmingly, grazing and sometimes touching walls and windows. With great ability and years of experience, the ceraioli manage to prevent dangerous accidents, even though they slip and often fall, especially when it is rainy. The test of great strength and ability is to make the Cero run as far as possible keeping it upright, without letting it fall or swing over. This is the victory, bearing in mind that there is no such thing as over-taking in this race: the Ceri arrive at the top of the mountain in the same order that they left in: St Ubaldo, St George and St Anthony. The route taken by the running Ceri is about 4.

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  1. The 15th May of each year is a date marked red on the calendar of the "eugubini" , the inhabitants of Gubbio. It is infact the day of the "Festa dei Ceri", one of the.

  2. Every year on May 15, the town of Gubbio celebrates La Festa dei Ceri. This festival is Festa dei Ceri is Gubbio's way of honoring its Patron Saint- Ubaldo who had miraculous abilities. Festa dei Ceri is . May 1, at am. Gubbio is.

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